Our Humble begining...

Donkey Rights Group was founded by young men and women in Kiambu and Naivasha community after many years of volunteering at Donkey Sanctuary and Brooke since 2000, we decided to come together and address the plight of Donkeys in Limuru and Naivasha after witnessing the mass slaughter, suffering and mistreatment of donkeys.

We do this by raising funds which are used to help maintain a our small sanctuary in a small village between Limuru and Naivasha for abused and abandoned donkeys in need of love, treatment, protection and a safe home.

The funds we raise also enable our small team to run mobile veterinary clinics to help the hard working donkeys, where they are a means to their owners' everyday livelihood.

As part of our work, we make every effort to help educate the donkey owners and teach them better handling methods (including correct harnessing, foot care, dentistry, feeding) and to understand that their donkeys are sentient beings that will improve their livelihood if they are cared for well and not suffering.

We are now drawing to the end of our current 2-year strategy period which has seen us grow in both our impacts on donkeys and the people who depend on them, and in our efforts to elevate the status of donkeys all over the world.

Our work is far from done however, and we have even more ambitious goals for the future. We are currently immersed in intense preparation to develop The Donkey Rights Group next 2-year strategy, which will take us to 2021.We are planning to take our work for donkeys and mules to a new level, both on home ground in our farms and sanctuaries and through our global programs of work.

Our mission

  • To support and encourage a change of attitude towards working donkeys by owners living and working in Naivasha and Limuru.

  • To provide funds to support the charitable work not-for-profit charity working in the Naivasha to alleviate pain and suffering of mistreated or abandoned Donkeys.

  • To rescue donkeys from mass slaughter after much heighted demand of donkey meat and products from China

Our aims

  • To enable them to continue to provide a high standard of care, protection, treatment and security for animals in need of care or first aid medical treatment by reason of sickness, mistreatment, and accidents.
  • To educate the public, especially owners in matters pertaining to animal welfare and care giving.

Our Core Values

  • The Donkey Rights Group core values are compassion, collaboration and creativity and these are central to everything we do. If we are to achieve the goals we have set ourselves, however, we will need to support our volunteers to work dynamically, too. In order to make this so, over the coming five years we will foster a culture that embraces ambition, responsiveness, empowerment and reflection.


  • We never turn away from a donkey in need. Helping donkeys, and the people who rely on them for their livelihoods, to cope with physical, mental and emotional challenges lies at the heart of everything we do.


  • Working through a network of partner communities and individuals, we collaborate with people frequently marginalized within their own counties. We treat every interaction as a two-way opportunity to learn and to teach. Together, we can help donkey owners and careers become donkey welfare ambassadors wherever they live and work.

Creating Awareness

The welfare works with schools, press and the local administration to highlight the challenges that donkeys encounter and encourage change in attitude and involving the society in lobbying for better care for donkeys