Donkey Rights Group is an animal welfare group that was formed with a sole aim of addressing the plight of donkeys in Kenya and other parts of the world. According to recent statistics by the Nation Media Group, Kenya is the leading donkey smuggling hub in East Africa. This group seeks to recognize the significant contribution made by the donkeys in improving the rural economies and to lobby against their mistreatment by human beings. We are fully licensed and registered with the Kenya Veterinary Board. We are committed to ensuring that donkeys don’t become extinct in Kenya and around the globe.

Why We Should Care

Donkeys have been by our side throughout in human history. Why the importance of donkeys and why we should care.

Donkeys have been a cornerstone in human existence and they still prop up entire communities today, ferrying water, food and crops. They are highly intelligent creatures, sociable and calm, capable of independent thinking and decision making. They are strong and won’t do something they consider unsafe, which makes them a great, trusted companion. Donkeys are, quite simply, amazing.

There are over 15 million donkeys in Africa and sadly so many are subjected to neglect and abuse, overworked and left in agony to die. This happens due to a lack of education, a lack of understanding of what good care looks like and the hardships of day to day life facing families and communities across the world. Many drive their donkeys into the grave simply out of a need to survive, to ensure their children and families are fed and sheltered. And when those families can no longer depend on their donkeys, more often than not its women, children and particularly girls who feel the impact most. Everyone’s lives are destroyed.

Helping the "lowest of the low" in our community

There are countries in the world where donkeys are valued for being the sensitive, social and highly intelligent creatures they actually are. Unfortunately this is not the case in this area of the world where, to most people, a donkey is nothing more than a worthless work tool. The goal of Donkey Rights Group is to provide these severely abused and precious animals with a retirement in peace and harmony; to do all we can to protect these donkeys from being left to die alone somewhere on the street when they are too old or sick to work anymore.

Every rescued life here at the sanctuary, and every subsequent rescued life, is totally dependent upon the generosity of our supporters and we are eternally grateful for all donations and help. If you would like to support us in helping all these poor, little souls, Any donation, no matter how small it is, will make a difference in helping us to help our precious rescued donkeys.

Buy these precious items handmade with Eco friendly local materials available here,these are gifts made by our volunteers to sell and support donkey welfare in our community.

Vegan Traditional Handwoven Fruit Basket/Bowl

It is a hand-coiled raffia basket. Each basket has a unique pattern and color scheme. The core of each coil in the basket is composed of local grasses and stalks of banana palm leaves, around which dyed and natural raffia strands are wrapped. A good sized bowl shaped basket that measures 11 inches (28cm) diameter and 3.0 inches (9cm) tall.

Sisal Kiondo Handbag

Vintage woven sisal market tote stripes of natural and perfectly natural colours. Bag is unlined and has no closures. Perfect for toting to the farmers' market, beach, flea market, and wherever else you might need a cute carry all!

Tote Sisal Bag

Hand made in Kenya, these beautiful, great quality and amazing colors hand bags can match any outfits. W - 15" L- 10" wooden handles are 4.5" Long and 6" wide.


5 Interesting Facts about Donkeys

Many of us use the word “ass” or donkey to crack a joke or insult others without knowing that donkeys are unique animals with tremendous strength and excellent memory. Alex, the founder of Donkey Rights Group, has been a donkey enthusiast since his childhood having been raised in Naivasha, Kenya where donkeys were used to till the land and transport farm produce. Here are some interesting facts about donkeys you need to know

Donkeys have an excellent memory

Donkey Memory

Donkeys can easily remember the place they have been to or their peers they met 25 years ago! Sounds interesting? They seem to have a high IQ than mad people we meet on our streets.

Donkeys Know when you are mistreating them

Donkeys are super-sensitive to what happens in their surroundings and can detect how we behave and treat them. For example, it will never be involved in any activity that it considers unsafe, or they may make a loud braying noise if you beat them unfairly. Donkeys Right Group aims to sensitize people on why they need to treat them reasonably just like other domestic animals.

Donkeys Hate Rain

Donkey Memory

Unlike human beings, donkeys don’t have a waterproof coat and thus staying out in the rain for long can damage their health.

Stand and be counted as a Donkey Welfare Ambassador!

Over the years, Alex who is the leader of this group has spent his time and incomes to teach communities on why donkeys deserve fair and humane treatment. He is passionate about seeing people recognize the significant contribution made by donkeys in making their lives easier and enjoyable. Due to rampant donkey smuggling and mistreatment in Kenya, we welcome you to support us give donkeys another chance. Feel free to make your donation and be counted as a donkey welfare ambassador today!

Donkeys get depressed when left alone

Donkey Memory

This may sound weird, but it is the truth. Donkeys love to live in herds. If there are no other donkeys, they can live with humans or goats as their companion.

Daily care of working donkeys

Naivasha working practices lessons. It is important to use harnesses that fit to the size and shape of the donkey, and pack them carefully and balanced and with no ropes which injures hair and skin

Treat your donkey humanely

Never overload your donkeys.It is important to pack the load carefully with no rope which injures the skin

Care and Management of working Donkeys

Even simple, everyday problems can be fatal for working animals if they can’t access the right level of care.